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Read articles about the company and water savers WATERSAVERS® in a wide range of media, such as iDnes, Lidové noviny, CzechTrade, PROFIT, etc. You will learn about water and energy savings, the principle of operation of savers, opinions, and experiences of the company’s founders, or a more detailed description of export activities.

Start saving water, the Brno company of the ministry and the president's office called for saving water

French people hears to save water, but the people of Brno had to use their material.

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A father and son from Moravia want to conquer India with water savers

Watersavers are able to save up to 70 percent water

Bubbles helps saving water

Lidové noviny: reading the article

How the idea with savers came about

You will agree with us that a lot of ideas came out when you find out that you need something, but it either doesn’t exist yet, or it exists, but somehow it’s not what you are searching for. There was no difference with the first Czech savers The company’s founders, Radomír Božek and Alena Macháčková owned a sanitary ware company, which is why foreign water savers fell into their hands as they expanded their product range. Their idea of ​​saving water was enthusiastic, but the design of these products on the market had a lot of “gaps” in quality, and so the decision was made to make a new saver – Czech quality. Made of materials that really last and with demonstrable water flows.


The first ideas and prototypes were created right at home. Trying to glue the individual parts together, how to best regulate the water flow… It was simply a matter of finding the right path, which was finally achieved, and so the development of Czech water savers could begin. They attracted with their idea the attention of the South Moravian Innovation Center, which helped the company with its entire start-up. The idea is ​​uniquely aerating the flowing stream of water so that the same amount of water flows optically, but you save water and the planet. The first made savers were assembled by the whole family, relatives, and acquaintances. We now produce up to 100. 000 pieces a year and the production capacity is ready to increase. We currently operate not only on the Czech market but also export to a number of European, African, and Asian countries.

One of the many buildings where we have installed WATERSAVER® savers is the building of the Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic, which subsequently issued us a recommendation, which we greatly appreciate.


The competition is organized under the auspices of the Ministry of the Environment of the Czech Republic. The ministry appreciates projects in the field of health, safety, and the environment. We became the absolute winner of 21 grade.

Futurum Award – absolute winner

This international competition has been organized by the energy company E.ON since 2008. The aim is to appreciate projects and innovative ideas in the field of environment and energy savings.

E.ON Energy Globe Awards – 3rd place in the WATER category

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