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Why save water?

Everyone has a different reason for conserving water – from an inner need not to waste the life-giving liquid, which has been in short supply in recent years, for others the main reason may be financial – not to spend money on something they don’t have to. Last but not least, saving water also means saving money on electricity or gas being used to heat the water. Overall, the conservation and considerate use of water has a significant ecological aspect.

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How to start saving water with WATERSAVERS?

It’s brilliantly simple, as the best things tend to be. You can save water with products for taps, showers and simple toilet flushing. By combining these solutions, you can significantly reduce water consumption in your home, business, guesthouse, hotel, restaurant, school… just about anywhere you use water. Our savers are hygienically certified, anti-lime and the flow rates are supported by laboratory measurements.

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Save up to 50% water every time you wash your hands or do the dishes. Simply attach our water saver to the end of the arm of a conventional tap. Thanks to its unique design, it reduces the water flow (the water passes through the nozzle system), while at the same time purifying the water and increasing the flow rate. The result is a sufficiently intense flow of water for normal consumption, you won’t even notice that less water is flowing. The amount of water flowing can be regulated between 4-14 litres/minute (factory set at 6 litres/minute).

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Even when showering, you can save up to 50% of water. Simply install our saver between the shower mixer and the shower hose. The water passing through the saver is split, gets rotated and flows out through the shower hose. The water flow will be perfectly sufficient for showering. The amount of water flow can be regulated between 4-14 litres/minute (factory set at 10 l/min).

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Approximately 10 litres of water is used for each flush. For a household of four, this is 280 litres per day (about CZK 4,000 per year). Thanks to WC STOP you save up to 70% of water, which is up to CZK 2,800 per year. With the WC STOP, you will be able to regulate the amount of water flushed from 0.5 litres to full drainage – exactly according to your current needs. The device is installed in the tank and visually nothing changes for the user.

All savers are made in the Czech Republic only from high quality materials, are assembled by hand, do not deposit limescale and meet all required tests and certificates. Faucet and shower savers are the only ones in the world where, thanks to our technology, the amount of water flowing can be changed repeatedly.


—> overall savings of up to 50% in water consumption

—> save 2x: lower water charges mean lower sewerage charges

—> up to 50% energy savings for hot water heating

—> a smaller boiler is sufficient to heat the water

—>less wear and tear on the heat pump or other heating system

—> 1/3 to 1/2 smaller solar panel for water heating

—> Reduce emissions by approx. 15% (heating + water heating)


Energy consumption

Water savers 5
Setric antivandal RA6 24A


Installation is very simple and can be done by virtually anyone. Strongmen just need hands, others will need pliers. Savers are simply screwed on.

Saving Shower Hose with Regulator


The WATERSAVERS water savers are the only ones on the market where you can adjust the flow yourself, both before and after installation.


1,000 households are equipped with our savers

thousands of installed savers

mil. CZK saved per year

months return on investment


Government buildings, hospitals, schools and universities, accommodation

and cultural facilities

  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic, Prague
  • Ministry of Finance, Prague
  • Ministry for Regional Development of the Czech Republic, Prague 1
  • Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic, Prague 2
  • Parliament of the Czech Republic, Prague
  • Policlinic Vinohrady
  • Central Military Hospital Prague
  • František Hospital with polyclinic
  • Hospital in Žižkov
  • Military Hospital Brno
  • Charles University in Prague
  • Czech University of Agriculture, Prague 6
  • BUT in Brno and intel. objects of BUT, Brno 12
  • Masaryk University, Brno
  • Janáček Academy of Performing Arts in Brno
  • Park Hotel Pilsen
  • Hotel Union Prague
  • Hotel Troja, Prague
  • Austerlitz Golf Resort, Slavkov by Brno
  • Corinthia Hotel Prague
  • McDonald’s ČR spol. s r.o.
  • Nestlé Česko s.r.o.
  • Pivovar Velké Popovice
  • Letiště Praha + Hotel, Beroun
  • Shell Czech Republic a.s., Prague 4

and many more

Specific examples of annual savings for selected customers using watersavers

SŠ prof. Zděňka Matějčka 487 296 Kč
Youth house 127 915 Kč
OA a VOŠS, p.o. 155 679 Kč
Secondary Medical School 42 690 Kč
Elementary school, Ostrava 47 304 Kč
Elementary school, Opava 37 783 Kč
The District Court 77 760 Kč
The district court Bruntál 38 556 Kč

and many more


Award E-on Energy Globe Awards 2012 – 3. place in the category WATER

This international competition has been organized by the energy company E.ON since 2008. The aim is to appreciate projects and innovative ideas in the field of environment and energy savings.

Futurum award – the winner

The competition is organized under the auspices of the Ministry of the Environment of the Czech Republic. The ministry appreciates projects in the field of health, safety, and the environment. We became the absolute winner of 21 year


Much to my surprise, I found that in those ten seconds I had turned once as much water with the original perlators.

Petr D.

Household, Kolín

I have to say that these products surprised me with their uniqueness, easy installation and high efficiency.

František Surý

Household, ČR

I was really surprised after the meter test that it works with the WATERSAVERS®, it showed me a saving of 50% of water. Thank you for your services

Ing. Jiří Barnat

Household, ČR

We saved in the first month. We are a large family What I like most about it is that it is a Czech product and not Chinese. The girls at Water Future are classy and experts 🙂 in their field. Thanks!

Bc. Helena Šmídová

Household, ČR

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