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100% Young Living essential oils are gained by steam distillation, cold pressing, or careful collection of resin. A high proportion of handwork and a gentle approach to nature give the oils maximum quality. Essential oils have been used for thousands of years. Nowadays you will appreciate them when relaxing, in cosmetics, in the kitchen, to relax a stuffy nose, refresh and create a pleasant atmosphere.

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Try Young Living PLUS essential oils in the kitchen

The use of edible essential oils in the kitchen

it is not so well known and that is a pity. Flavour your favorite salad, soup, sauce, or dessert with one of our essential oils from the PLUS line. They are specially designed for use as a seasoning in food. Young Living essential oils are so concentrated that just a few drops are enough for a perfect taste.

“Whenever you hold a bottle of strong YOUNG LIVING essential oils, you have a pure extract of nature in your hands!”

Peppermint essential oil

This oil has a strong, cooling taste and its use has almost no limits. You can season the salads with it, add it to cocktails, try it while baking or drip it into the tea.

The main benefits of peppermint:

> helps support digestion

>supports the optimal functioning of the respiratory system

Lemon essential oil

Lemon is a great flavor in any cooking for its intense, dynamic taste. You can use it for a lot of sweet and spicy dishes from all over the world. Try it on chicken, for example, when baking cookies and cakes. And don’t forget, the best is one drop in water, it will refresh you in the summer.

The main benefits of lemon:

>helps soothe mouth and throat and their irritation

> helps the vocal cords and pharynx

Orange essential oil

Let the taste be a highlight with a few drops in food with this edible essential oil. It will be great for exotic dishes, for sweet baking or drip it into drinking water or mixed drinks. Our tip for well-being: add 1-2 drops to vegetarian gel capsules as a dietary supplement.

The main benefits of orange:

>contributes to well-being

>affects taste

Lavender essential oil

Customers appreciate lavender for its sweet, slightly floral taste, which you can experiment with also in world cuisine. It will enhance the taste of light and traditional dishes, sweet and savory. Lavender is well known for the famous Provencal mixture, where it creates a balanced harmony with marjoram, thyme, oregano, and rosemary. But pay attention to not using too many drops of our essence, it is really strong, use only a few drops.

The main benefits of Medical Lavender :

> It has disinfectant effects

>supports immunity

>helps reducing blood pressure

Product catalogue

Catalogue of amazing YOUNG LIVING products for the whole family and your pets

>Single essential oils and their mixtures for external use
> Essential oils for internal use and cooking – Plus series
>Essential oils for pets – ANIMAL SCENTS
>Ball applicators with essential oils and deodorants
>Oils for massage
> Diffusers
>Essential oil cleaners – Thieves series
>Essential oils products for children KIDSCENTS series and for babies SEEDLINGS
> Soaps and bath products, body and hair care
> Sun protection products
>Products for men
>Food supplements, healthy snacks, gooseberry drinks NINGXIA RED series
>Makeup and make-up removal


Millions of people around the world use pure YOUNG LIVING essential oils and naturally sourced products every day. Every day is full of joy and well-being in life.

YOUNG LIVING products are subject to the highest quality standards in the entire process, from the cultivation of raw materials to the production of “SEED TO SEAL” products. Thanks to this commitment, you can rely on quality that sets the standards for it´s industry.

SEED TO SEAL includes:

Our code of ethics

Principles and procedures of cultivation and production

Anti-corruption policy

Employee handbook

Compliance of environmental policy

Oil aromatherapy
Young Living oils

Our own top laboratories

More than 50 experts test and control quality, examine the physical, chemical, and microbiological properties of raw materials and develop new products. The stable top quality of YOUNG LIVING really matters and customers can rely on it.

Raw materials from organic farming

If you want to produce a product of the highest quality, it needs the best raw materials. That is why YOUNG LIVING grows its own raw materials and takes others only from certified farmers. Even so, each batch of raw materials goes through a rigorous quality control process. And if it does not meet the expected standards, it is rejected.

Ecology, people and ethics

An ecological approach to agriculture is a pillar for long-term gentle plant cultivation. People and the value of their work around the world are also part of the community. That is why the company makes sure that everyone, from employees to collectors, is properly rewarded for their work and contribution to product quality and nature.

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Now is the time to return to nature

At the intersection of cutting-edge research and traditional wisdom, Young Living’s natural solutions allow you to reduce contact with chemicals, enrich your life and regain your natural beauty.

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