Water is the cure of the future

Do you know the quality of the water you drink? Do you wonder how many unnecessary litres of water you let flow every day without using them in any way?

Do these and similar questions come to mind, perhaps just as you’re turning on the tap to pour yourself a glass of “lifesaver”? You may prefer to reach for bottled water because the tap water is simply “undrinkable”.

Welcome to Water Future

We care about the water we drink, the water that surrounds us. Water is all around us, it is the fluid without which there would be no life on the planet. We need water for cooking, watering plants, washing, cleaning, industry…simply said we need it every day.

Why do we care about the water we drink?

At first, our main idea was to educate the general public about the deteriorating water quality situation on this planet. The problem with oceans full of plastic may seem distant to some people, because we do not have access to sea in the Czech Republic. However, we have polluted rivers, ponds and reservoirs into which, from time to time, someone “accidentally” dumps chemicals that are unsuitable at home or in production.
Tap water is also not what it used to be, so people are increasingly choosing bottled water in the belief that they are indulging in higher quality.

We are not indifferent to water quality. People have often asked us at lectures how they can start saving or purifying water, how they can contribute to improving the state of water, so we decided to offer products that we have personally tested and whose quality we stand behind. We know that with every purified drop of water that we return to nature, or that we don’t consume, each of us can contribute in small steps to the healing of our planet and the return to original healthy water.

Let's drink tap water at home and at work.

Water is life, it is the filling of our days, we love water because we realise how fragile it is. That’s why we give intensive lectures for adults and children alike, talking passionately about how we can all manage our water every day, purify it so that we can drink and use ordinary tap water again without fear.

As a big bonus, our planet will be lighter by a lot of unnecessary plastic bottles that we won’t buy.

With our products you can start by yourself, in your home, in your business, it’s easy.

Drinking and healthy water
Save up to 50% of water every day (at home, business or institution)

We save and purify drinking water

Our name is English, but most of our products come from the Czech Republic.

We have selected excellent Czech patented technologies for our portfolio, e.g. STABFOR water purification and treatment units using innovative nano technology. Thanks to them and our other technologies, you can drink truly pure, microbially stabilized water at home and at work, which will be your medicine now. Then you can lovingly pour the delicious, healthy water straight from your tap into the Soul Bottles designer glass bottle.


It also comes from Czech hands What you’ll appreciate most about them is the savings of up to 70%, so there will be enough water for people and nature. We take an individual approach to cleaning and saving water in homes and businesses to make sure everything works as it should. Start saving water with WATERSAVERS.

Drinking water
About us 1

Monika Zítková


Water is an element with the ability not only to heal, but also to survive. I see it as an opportunity to bring interesting things to people not only as it is, but by not sugarcoating reality we are showing the true face of our times.

Did you know…

Water has a memory, it remembers everything it encounters along the way (including chemicals).

About us 2

Kateřina Cermanová


Water is the most important ingredient for the health of humans and our planet. The Water Future project won me over because of its purpose and the goal we created. We’ve already started ourselves, but what next? How can we contribute to improving water? That’s our next journey now…

Ask us

how to purify and conserve your water.


Thank you


Thank you for coming all this way. We would be happy to provide you with any information over the phone. Please do not hesitate to contact us and we will call you back promptly.

Water Future

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