There’s is a message on each bottle

This bottle is popular with all cyclists of all ages

However, the motif should not be only about the water but it should clearly show how important water is. Because things that are alive can be without food for a long time, but not without water.

It is important to have always a sip of water with you. We chose a 0.6 l bottle for cyclists, which can be taken anywhere. For example, also on the bike.

Biker 1
Biker 2
Biker 3



You and your bike are inseparable! Show your love for cycling in every situation – in addition, you can always have plenty of water with you.

Alex describes himself as a “commercial artist”

His art still has one thing in common: motifs are always transmitted all over the planet and are not static in one place.

“It’s not only a bottle

it is a way to change this world”

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